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 NSGL 2021 Registration 

Welcome to Spring 2021 Registration!


If you're daughter is interested in checking out NSGL for next season, please email Heather Roy NSGLLAX@gmail.com.  


**The following are adjusted registration fees for those players who were registered in 2020.**

If your child was registered in grade 1, fees are $45 for 2021. 
$150 - ($140 x 0 .75) = $45+$30 (Founder's Insruance Fee) = $75

If your child was registered last year in 2nd grade, now in 3rd, fees are $105 for 2021.
$210 - ($140 x 0.75) = $105
+$30 (Founder's Insruance Fee) = $135

If your child was registered last year in 3rd-7th grade, fees are $63.75 for 2021. 
$210 - ($195 x 0.75) = $63.75
+$30 (Founder's Insruance Fee) = $93.75

Note that there are separate tabs for each age group when registering your child.
Returning registrants, please choose the tab labeled "2020 Registrants".

**Please note a change in 2021 Registration- Every player's parent/guardian must sign a FGLL waiver and register with FGLL for insurance coverage. FGLL is charging each player $30 included in your daughter's NSGL registration fee instead of getting a US Lacrosse membership. (Players DO NOT need a US Lacrosse membership this season which was $30 in the past and an extra step!)
*Late fees: If you register after 12/31, a late fee of $25 will be assessed.*
For help with Uniform Sizes, go to our Equiptment and Uniform page

Login Help: We have seen instances where a parent has received the registration notice via an email that is associated with their daughter's (Player) account, and the parent's account is associated with a different email address, i.e. the father's email. Attempts to log in w/ the email associated with the player's account are unsuccessful. If you are not being allowed in, please try the email associated with the parent account, if you can remember it. If you have any problems, please email us. Note that you can have more than one email address associated with an account, simply separate them with a semicolon (;).

If you have any other questions about NSGL, please email us at nsgllax@gmail.com.